Get up and RUN!

April 10, 2011

I just started to enjoy running in March ’11 at age 28. Why did this take so long? I tried out for track in high school. To try out – it was suggested you run with the team, pre-tryouts. I think they were around 5k and I only did a few of them. “Did” is used loosely. Our home was conveniently about a half mile into the route.  I threw in two things. My towel, and green pack frozen burritos into the microwave.

Try-outs were here. My first trial was the 200 meter (is that even a run? sounds right). One sprint and done. I stumbled to the center of the field, dizzy, and ready to throw up. After that I figured running wasn’t for me.

Enter: 13 years post 200 meter dash and BPM

I would still venture out and run around every now and then. Still getting exhausted after each time. “HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS AND ENJOY IT?” So first week in March I try something out that was recommended by a co-worker. A heart rate monitor! My wife already had one, which is nice – expense = $0. I do some research on BPM (beats per minute) and decide on a general BPM to run at that should hit my aerobic zone, 140. First block into the run I check out the BPM – 190! Wow, that’s a little off my target, better take it down a few notches. 140. Ok, this doesn’t feel like running as I know it, more like….I don’t know what. Speed walking with a bobbing head? I continued. About a half mile in I had an epiphany. This was enjoyable. I ran a mile, had a great time, got a workout, and wasn’t panting. Grrreat! Turns out, whenever I ran, I ran, and ran hard. The problem with that is that I was out of shape. 10 minute miles at 190 BPM = Bad shape. 13 minute miles at 140 BPM = Slow, but fun.

What next?

Marathon time. I haven’t picked which one yet, but it will be this year. I’m using crossfitendurance [CFE] to train. More on that later.

Lesson learned -

1)Use a heart rate monitor, find your aerobic zone, try it out and see what happens. You may enjoy yourself.

2) I think you have to be in a certain place in your life to really understand the beauty of baby steps. I’ve always wanted to reach the end goal overnight. Lose 15 lbs, gain muscle mass, become a millionaire now, etc… Well, that’s just not a realistic expectation to have. What is realistic is losing .5 lbs a week, working out 20 min a week vs. 0, save a few bucks here and there vs. nothing at all, and lastly – run 1 mile and progress your distance weekly/bi-monthly. Progression is key. Find the glory in small victories.


It’s not possible. HAHA!