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January 25, 2012

I had an entire day to myself (!!!) and went out to run some errands and see what great things there are in stores right now. I wanted to share some great finds.

My first stop was Target (of course a mainstay and favorite for home items).

Not for my house, but I sure loved this glam gold chevron lampshade and the lucite lamp.

This storage basket also doesn’t work in my home, but I sure wish it did! I could see it on the floor filled with magazines and a cozy throw spilling out.

A pair of these stools would look nice and the material makes me think mid-century, which of course I love.

This is very much in line with my white animal fascination and would look great on any bookshelf.

And last but not least, I loved this bench. A pair of these could really round out a living room arrangement with extra seating and could even be used as an ottoman.  Again, not for every house, but I thought it was a great piece for an affordable $59.99.

My next stop was Marshalls, where I was looking for a great mirror for above our bedroom dresser.

I’ve thought of making my own driftwood mirror and this made me rethink it again. I’m not sure it’d go with the direction I’m heading with our decor though.  Nevertheless for $79.99 this was a steal, especially compared to ones at Pottery Barn for $199 or West Elm for $129.

This was a great bedside table – a bit higher and larger than traditional nightstands.  I’d prefer it in a different color for our house, but I loved everything about it. I believe it was $89.99. (Compare to PB’s Darcy Pedestal Bedside Table)

Apparently I have a thing for pillows because I have 5 on our (smallish) sofa and 8 on our dining room “banquet”. But I had a really hard time leaving this one behind.  I also found some large floor pillows that I thought would be great for extra seating or to pull up when we’re playing a game around the coffee table.

On to HomeGoods:

I REAAAALLLLLLLY wanted this one. If there was a pair I would’ve wanted it even more. But I had to remind myself I already had gone through the ceramic stool phase…

These baskets really caught my eye. I would love one of these with a few of those floor cushions I mentioned above :) They ranged in price but all came in under $79.99 – which is still a lot to spend on a basket, but when you think of PB selling Beachcomber baskets for $199, this isn’t a bad solution.

This giant shiny white giraffe is in line with the white animal obsession already mentioned, and definitely reminds me of one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love (it’s everyone’s favorite blog, so this is nothing new).  But she had a giant dog that started me on this white animal craze (Sherry is so ahead of things she knew white ceramic animals were cool even in 2009).  Anyway, I was hoping a friend would let me buy this for a nursery she is working on with a giraffe theme, but no luck ;)

That’s about it! I could’ve spent hundreds if I had the money and space to put all this stuff. There are definitely some fun things out there. Is there anything you’ve found lately that you had to leave behind or was lucky enough to go home with? 

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